How do I add values that are not currently present within a particular drop-down field? Can the value be changed?

Yes. To do this, please contact your systems administrator. Please note that many values are keys to other fields (e.g., the county determines the region) and, therefore, should not be modified.

My client is having problems opening the online package. What can I do to help?

If there are any problems with the link, you may want to suggest that the client copies the entire unique URL beginning with ‘http://www” from the email and pastes it into the Internet browser window. If this does not resolve the problem, go into the package and send the package to your email address and test the link. The link may no longer be active if a system user has deleted the package from the project.

How do I change my user id and password?

You will need to contact your system administrator. IDs and passwords and system-wide and set by the centralized resource(s).

What’s the difference between the print friendly and print friendly (ALL) buttons in the location record?

The print friendly button will display the location record with data fields that have been marked for public viewing. This is done centrally in the ‘Configure’ page of the location component. The ‘print friendly (ALL)’ button will display all data fields available in the location record, including confidential contact information, etc. This should be used for internal viewing or record keeping purposes only.

How do I ensure that the premier locations are placed at the top and others follow?

The package displays locations in the order it was added. Add the premier locations to the package first in order to have them listed first. Also, you can always delete a location from a package and add it again later so the ordering of the package is the way you would like.

Do I need to sign-off the application when I am finished for the day or can I just close out of the browser window?

Be sure to sign-off once you have finished using the application. To do this select log-out from the navigation menu. Do not close the Internet browser window without first signing off from Reel-Scout™.

Why do I have access to different data and different functions than another user in the office?

The Reel-Scout™ access control module is built on roles and groups. Roles allow the users access to specific functions (e.g., editing contact data or uploading an image). Groups enforce which specific records the user can apply the function. To better understand access control, reference the attached Access Control Matrix.

My question is not answered here or in this manual. How do I get additional support?

You can review the “Help” area of the Reel-Scout™ system. This is an ever-growing blog of how-to’s, video clips, and step-by-step instructions on many of Reel-Scout’s latest updates and new functionality. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact your local systems administrator. If he/she is unavailable, you can direct you question to Reel-Scout™ Technical Support:

Reel-Scout, Inc.
1900 Abbott Street, Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28203
(888) 355-REEL Option #2


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