Enrollment into Online Programs
The student will register for the online program via the course landing page at mcafeeinstitute.com. The student is enrolled in the program as soon as payment is made. The student will receive an email giving them access to their account. They follow the account instructions on the email and may begin their course immediately.

Enrollment into Resident Programs
The student will choose the date and time of the resident program they wish to attend on the course landing page and register for the program at that time. Once enrolled the student will receive a confirmation email indicating their spot is reserved with the program details (location, airport, hotel, times and dates of the program). The student’s course materials will be provided at the location of the training program.

Students are responsible for the cost of their Course(s). Sometimes an employer may cover the cost of the course or reimburse the student for the course. The course is to be paid for before the student is granted access to the course. Payment or a student tuition payment plan (agreement) must be in effect at the time of enrollment. If using VA Education benefits for resident training programs only the enrollment agreement must be completed prior to registration.

Student Tuition Payment Plan (Agreement)
McAfee Institute offers students the ability to pay for their program tuition via an automatic payment plan. The student will decide what type of payment plan they would like to enroll in at enrollment. The payment plans offered range from 2 to 6 payments. The first payment is required upon enrollment. This will activate the student’s course and give them access to the course.

The next payments will automatically be withdrawn from the card they used for initial payment and will bill on the date purchased for the following months until the course is paid in full. There is no credit check. Payment plans and the payments made toward the tuition are the responsibility of the student.

Non-Payment or Failed Payment
If you fail or miss a payment you are given a 3-day grace period from the date the payment was missed. If payment is not made during that time, you will be removed from the program and access will be suspended.

If payment is not made within 3 days of the suspension you will be accessed a reinstatement fee of $175 reinstatement fee and the balance of your account will be due immediately.

If this your balance and reinstatement fee is not paid within 3 days of being due you will be terminated permanently from the program and your tuition will be forfeited. Please chat with us, call us at 888.263.1650 or email us at support@mcafeeinstitute.com for assistance.

If the student fails to pay as agreed upon, they will be removed from their program and will not be able to enroll in any new courses until the outstanding debt is paid in full. The Institute may withhold official transcripts until the debt is paid in full and satisfied.

Employer / Government / Agency Payment Agreements
McAfee Institute works with employers and government agencies around the world which submits payments on behalf of the student for attendance in our programs. These payment agreements are not to be construed or confused with a student tuition payment plan agreement and are separate in nature.

Students are responsible for the costs of hotel, food, and travel to attend any of the resident programs. These amounts are to be paid directly to the hotel, etc at which the residential program is being conducted.

Financial Aid
At the present time, McAfee Institute does not administer federal financial aid or their sources of financial aid programs. McAfee Institute recommends student’s check with their employers regarding tuition reimbursement or assistance programs for which they may be eligible.

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