Monitoring Academic Progress
Success & progress is tracked through our learning management system. Both students and McAfee Institute staff can access student progress at any time from within our LMS.

  1. Student progress made during the course of the program is recorded in our LMS system. Our system records the date and time a lesson is completed to the student record. The student can view their progress from within the course as see below. The can see how many lessons have been completed and how many are left. They can click on that to see the overall percentage as well of course completion.
  2. As the student progress through the training program each lesson completed is marked in the system as complete (along with the date and time stamp) and the student can see the percentage of completion as they move through the program. Our system will place a green check mark next to the lesson as that lesson is successfully completed.
  3. The student is required to take a quiz at the conclusion of each module and must obtain an 80% or better to pass (If they do not reach an 80% competency or better the student can re-take these quizzes as many times as they wish to improve their overall competency). Once passed the quiz will display the results of the quiz and indicate if the quiz has been passed or failed. This provides real-time feedback to the student as they progress through the program.
  4. The student can then progress to the next training module upon successful completion of the module quiz as indicated above.
  5. The student would need to successfully complete each of the training modules and quizzes as indicated to progress and sit for the final exam.
  6. Students must complete the course in its entirety and receive a passing grade (70% or higher) on the final exam. The Board Certification Exam must be completed within one year from the date of enrollment.

Consequences for Failure to Maintain Academic Success
Students that fail to meet academic success and successful completion of the program will not be granted a board certification or certification of completion (if a non-certified course).

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