Any charge, accusation, or allegation that is to be presented against a student, if proved, may subject a student to disciplinary action. The allegation(s) must be submitted in writing, in complete detail and within twenty-four hours of the alleged offense, to the Chief Academic Officer by the individual, organization or department making the allegation. Due process begins with student notification and an investigation of the charge. The process ends with either dismissal of the charge or sanctioning.

The Chief Academic Officer or designee is responsible for the administration of disciplinary procedures at the McAfee Institute. Allegations of violations of McAfee Institute policy are accepted for consideration only when the apparent infractions are observed on McAfee Institute property or other locations where the McAfee Institute provides services. Infractions of federal, state or local laws occurring off campus shall be the concern of the civil authorities except when such actions:

  1. directly affect the health, safety or security of the McAfee Institute community;
  2. affect the McAfee Institute’s pursuit of its educational purposes, or
  3. occur as a direct result of a McAfee Institute connected disruption.

When disruptive or unruly behavior occurs in a classroom or laboratory, the instructor may immediately require the student who is responsible for the disruption to leave the classroom. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor prior to the next scheduled class meeting. It is the instructor’s responsibility to meet with the student as soon as possible after the request for the meeting and to meet before the next scheduled meeting if the student has made the request for a meeting. The meeting may occur over the phone or any other electronic medium if both the student and the instructor agree.

Different acts constitute a variety of sanctions. The alleged acts presented are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Chief Academic Officer. The Chief Academic Officer, upon reviewing the allegations, shall determine the corrective action to be taken, which may include dismissal of the student from the McAfee Institute programs.

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