The Leave of Absence policy provides for an approved time that students can be away from their studies for up to one year for personal, family, financial, or other compelling reasons. An extension of one term may be granted.

Who is eligible for a leave of absence?
A Leave of Absence may be granted to students for personal, family, financial, or other compelling reasons. Leaves are not granted for students who simply want to take time off from a program. To be eligible, students must be seeking a certification program, have completed at least two full modules prior to the date a leave is to begin, be in good academic standing and be making reasonable progress toward their certification.

What is the benefit of taking a leave of absence?
The main benefits of a Leave of Absence are that 1) the student is guaranteed a return to the program (assuming other institute obligations are met, e.g., debts), and 2) the time taken on an approved Leave of Absence does not count in the time limitations for exam license and or completion.

How do I request a leave of absence?
To request a Leave of Absence, the student must complete a Request for Leave of Absence form, found on the McAfee Institute site. The request must be approved by the student’s advisor or VP of academics. The reason for the request is confidential and should remain in the student’s department/school file. A plan for re-admission, including any conditions that must be met, should be put in writing and kept in the student’s department/school file. The request should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than the last day of classes during which the leave has been taken. A retroactive Leave of Absence will not be granted.

How can I tell if a leave of absence has been approved?
The student advisor will inform the student and all signatories on the form (e.g., advisor, VP, CEO) once a Leave of Absence has been approved and processed. In addition, a hold is placed on the student’s account to prevent further registration. Faculty and staff with appropriate access to our LMS may check SOAHOLD to verify the Leave of Absence hold.

How long many I will be away from the Institute during a leave of absence?
A Leave of Absence will allow a student to be away from their studies for up to one year.

What if I don’t return from my leave of absence as planned?
If a student does not return to the certification program, s/he will be considered as having permanently withdrawn from the Institute. To be reconsidered for certification, s/he will need to submit a new admissions application. Programs may require new admissions materials (e.g., letters of reference, proof of experience, education), or allow the student to re-use the materials that were submitted with the student’s original application. The student is responsible for contacting the program to determine which materials may re-used and which materials will need to be newly submitted, and for sending that information to McAfee Institute when they apply.

Will I be notified before it expires?
McAfee Institute will send an email reminder to a student before the leave expires. The VP, Instructor and Advisor are copied on the email.

What if I am using VA education benefits?
Students receiving VA educational benefits may take a school approved Leave of Absence, but this will interrupt VA educational benefits during the leave. The leave of absence will be reported to the VA as a termination. When you return from the leave, the school may re-certify you for benefits, giving you credit for all hours completed prior to the leave.

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