Exam Licenses are Valid for 1 Year from Purchase.

Option 1:
We offer a 2-month courtesy extension on all exam licenses. You must request this extension prior to the expiration of the exam license.

Option 2:
We do offer an additional exam extension (up to 2 additional months) if extenuating circumstance ie major life event that has prevented you from sitting for the exam over the course of an entire year.

Such circumstances might include but not limited to is

  • Major Medical Issues that required treatment over the year.
  • An immediate death of a family member such as a child or spouse.
  • You were deployed in the Military

We can provide up to a 4-month extension in combination with the above courtesy extension on the exam for those that qualify from the date it expired. If you need longer than that or did not have one of these major life events then you will need to purchase a new exam license here.

Note Extenuating Circumstances Extensions: We do not provide Extenuating Circumstances exam extensions, on the basis that you have just not had time to complete it.

If one of these situations has arisen in your life and you need an extension jump into a chat with us or email us at support@mcafeeinstitute.com. To request an extension you will need to provide suitable documentation.

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