Students have a right to know how they are being evaluated and graded in a course and to know what is being required of them. The following are the policy and procedures allowing students to seek review of their grades on the all McAfee Institute certification programs.

The McAfee Institute actively seeks to foster a collegial and cooperative atmosphere among students and faculty. All faculty members and students are expected to act in a supportive and understanding manner. In this spirit, the Institute expects that open communication between students and faculty will be the norm and that this will help to avert misunderstandings.

However, there may be occasions when contention arises between students and faculty members. In these cases, students may file grievances/appeals as described below.

  1. Send an email to with as much information and documentation as possible. Applicants should include their full name, registered email address, Portal ID, advisor’s name, and any other contact information appropriate.
  2. The administration will contact the plaintiff to confirm the complaint has been received within five days.
  3. The McAfee Institute administration will then review the situation as documented, and contact all applicable parties to discuss the problem.
  4. Within 15 days, the administration will compile the information and present it by e-mail to the CEO and CFO along with recommendations on how to remedy the situation in a fair manner.
  5. The CEO will send the student or advisor an e-mail response within 15 days with an explanation of the reasons for his decision. The decision of the CEO will stand as final.
  6. Students that are dissatisfied with the resolution offered by the school may contact the Missouri Department of Higher Education at (573) 571-2361 for information on filing a formal complaint against the school.

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