A Board Certification candidate can request an experience waiver of one year in the following circumstances: Based on educational qualifications (on a case by case basis) the candidate can request a waiver of a maximum of one-year work experience as a direct full-time professional in the intelligence and or investigative sectors.

This requires an educational qualification such as a four-year degree from a recognized college or its regional equivalent. Having a master’s degree or above from the US in the areas of criminal justice, homeland security, intelligence, psychology, or relevant program can be considered.

Valid experience includes intelligence and/or investigative related work, performed as a full-time practitioner, consultant, investigator, or instructor and requires the direct application of that knowledge. The experience must also cover the core competencies of the program for which the waiver is requested.

The five years of experience must be the equivalent of actual full-time consecutive experience in intelligence and/or investigative work (not just responsibilities for a five-year period).

One-year professional experience waiver is also applicable if the candidate possesses an additional M.I. Credential.

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