Environment Administrators can restore deleted objects in the EPC. This allows your administrators to restore any objects deleted accidentally, or restore any previous version on objects easily.

Users can:

  1. Restore deleted objects to their original location, or
  2. Restore objects to a new location (Restore to New Parent) if the Parent has been moved, deleted, or if you simply want to move the object
  • One deleted object can be restored at a time.
  • If the process is a parent of objects that were deleted together, the parent process and all sub-objects will be restored.
  • If you wish to restore an object whose parent status is “deleted” or “locked”, please click the Restore to a New Parent button.
  • Report type documents cannot be restored.

To restore a deleted object:

1) Navigate to your Environment Administrator section

2) Select the Archive Tab

3) Select the object you wish to Restore

4) Select the Restore button

You object will be restored.


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