The Dashboard Manager is a tool that provides a list with all the Widgets available. It also provides a small description to the user about each Widget. The Dashboard Manager enables users to improve and customize their Home Page dashboard to display the EPC content that is meaningful to their preferences.

The Widget Dashboard Manager section will cover the following:

  1. How to access the Dashboard Manager
  2. How to add widgets to the home page
  3. My Objects Widget
  4. My Documents Widget
  5. My Performance Widget
  6. My Actions Widget
  7. My Performance Chart Widget
  8. My Posts & Replies Chart Widget
  9. My Actions Pending Widget
    8. My Risk Chart Widget
    9. External Website Widget
    10. My Map Widget
    11. HTML Widget
    12. Google Analytics Widget
    13. Object Sent for Approval Widget
    14. Objet Sent for Endorsement Widget
    15. Search Widget

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