Users can easily create their own stylized cover pages to suit business needs.

To create a cover page:

1. On the first page of the Word Document, insert a section break (disregard if there is already one)

2. Open a section for templaterConfig, then subject, then the object itself {#templaterConfig}{#subject}{#object}

3. Insert the desired tags (refer to the table below) within the loop. Close the object, subject and templaterConfig loops {/object}{/subject}{/templaterConfig}

4. Insert images and change fonts to your liking

Cover Page Tags

Some commonly used tags are listed below; refer to the General Tags section for the full list of tags.

Tag Name Description
{nodeType} The object type (PROCESS, RULE, RISK, CONTROL, etc…)
{name} The name of the object
{version} The version of the object
{creationDate} The creation date of the object
{modificationDate} The modification date of the object
{userSubTypeName} The type of the object

Output Example

Given the above example, the generated output will look like this:

The Name and Version tags have been replaced with the appropriate values.

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