The Google Analytics Widget can display a variety of dashboards with different metrics.

Resizing and Moving the Widget

To resize the widget, click on the double-pointed arrow on the bottom right corner. Drag it across the screen to adjust it’s size.

To move the widget, click and hold on the widget where the cursor becomes a mover cursor. Drag it to the desired location.


To access the widget settings, click on the icon with the 3 dots and click on Settings. To remove the widget, click on Remove Widget.

The widget settings include name settings, chart type and Google Analytics information

A Name The name of the widget that will be displayed on the home page
B Hide Name If checked, the widget name will be hidden
C Chart Type The type metric being displayed in the chart
D Period The period over which the metric is measured
E Client ID Please contact your administrator for the Client ID
F View ID Please contact your administrator for the View ID

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