In terms of editing, the Process Module is a bit different from all other modules: users can edit content from the Graph page and from the Details page.

By clicking on any “Edit” button, a user locks the object in both the Graph and the Details page for other users.

Process Flow Objects

Editing a process implies editing the objects that are mapped in the Graph. So by locking a process, all basic flow objects can’t be accessed: events, gateways, tasks. They will be unlocked once the process is unlocked.

Process Sub-processes

  • Sub-processes can still be edited, and are not locked if their parent is being edited.
  • A user editing the parent in the Graph, in the case of a locked sub-process, will not be able to use any right options on the sub-process or edit it’s name, or delete it.

Creating IPLs

In the Graph editor, creating an IPL to a process that is locked is prevented, and the user will receive an error message.

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