Users are divided into 5 major categories corresponding to their roles and responsibilities within the organization. The user classification pertains to the responsibilities for the different users within the system. The 5 categories are as follows

User Responsibilities
Process Modelers
(Modeling User)
• Input, monitor and maintain information inputted into the EPC Modeler
• Responsible for the creation and optimization of EPC Web App Content (Process Maps, Documents, Performance Measures, etc.)
Process Owners
(Power User)
• Approve process flow and process components changes
• Approve process improvement requests
• Follow process revisions frequencies
• Follow the maturity of processes
Business Users
(Analytical User)
• Consult processes to understand the business activity they are working in
• Input and analyze analytical measures (KPIs, KCIs, KRIs)
• Initiate discussions about processes
• Initiate process improvement requests
Business Process Users
(End User)
• Need to understand the process they are working on
• Access to detailed task descriptions
System Admin
(Admin User)
• Monitor and maintain system functionality
• Oversee system use and maintenance activities

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