Widgets are small information windows that fetch and display EPC information in meaningful ways based on your preferences. Having the Widgets on your Home Page, allows you to access key information for your role within the organization easily.

What and how Widgets display the information is fully customizeable. Users can customize the content of the Widgets as well as customize the layout of the Widgets on their Home Page. Furthermore, you can have multiple widgets on your home page and you can place them in the order that best suits your needs.

System Administrators will set default widgets for users based on their forecasted needs. Users can use the Dashboard Manager to customize their Home Page with the widgets needed for their job requirements. Users can also reset their Home Pages to the default standard.

The seven different types of Widgets available are found under the Dashboard Manager. Users can set and customize the following Widgets on their Home Page:

  1. My Objects Widget
  2. My Documents Widget
  3. My Performance Widget
  4. My Actions Widget
  5. My Performance Chart Widget
  6. My Posts & Replies Widget
  7. My Actions Pending Widget

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