A System Admin can edit the system settings. Editing these settings requires system expertise.

For further details of system edits, please see the steps below:

1. Navigate to the “System Admin” section of the EPC

2. Navigate to the “Advanced” tab

3. The first box displayed is a warning for the System Admin letting him now how changing the system settings could cause problems and even make the system inaccessible. A link to restore the settings is given valid for an hour.

4. Select the Setting you would like to edit by selection the icon

5. A pop-up window will be generated on the page. To edit, change the value of the key and navigate to the “Save” box to finish. Be aware that any changes can cause problems

6. Click on the Apply changes button so the new changes are applied on the EPC

7. To revert any changes, simply copy & paste the URL given in the Warning box into your browser and the EPC settings will be re-set.

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