Roles represent specific skill sets, responsibilities and positions within an organization. They define the requirements needed to perform an activity without ascribing them to a specific individual. One resource may have different responsibilities and job, therefore, one resource can have many roles within the company.

Roles are found within the Units of the Organization.

Examples of Roles:

For instructions on how to create a new Role, see the Create Objects section.

Filling out a New Role form

  1. Type the name of the Role on the “What is the name?” field

For this example, the name of the Role is “Director of Human Resources”

  1. Use the and icons to expand and hide the different sections within the each tab of the New Role Window. Input the right information about the Role in each section.

i) To hide sections, click on the icon:

ii) To expand sections, click on the icon:

  1. Click on the button to create the Role

  1. The new Role “Director of Human Resources” is now on the Organization tree structure. This role is currently a draft. To learn how to publish Organization objects, click here

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