Entities are Master Data objects. Entities allow the user to define the specific object types that are passed along through an organization’s processes, allowing the user to fully integrate and reuse the objects.

You can find Entities within the Master Data Folders. Attributes are contained in an Entity; Entities are qualified by their attributes.

For instructions on how to create a new Entity, see the Create Objects section.

Filling out a New Entity form

  1. Type the name of the Entity on the “What is the name?” field

For this example, the name of the Entity is “Order”

  1. Use the and icons to expand and hide the different sections within each tab of the New Entity Window. Input the right information about the Entity in each section.

i) To hide sections, click on the icon:

ii) To expand sections, click on the icon:

  1. Click on the button to create the new Entity

  1. The new Entity “Order” is now inside of the “Order Product and Services” folder. This Entity is currently a draft. To learn how to publish Master Data objects, click here

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