The My Performance Widget allows users to feature a list of company, department and personal Performance Measures. Customizing “My Performance” will allow users to prioritize key information related to their job responsibilities and performance.

Please follow the instructions below to customize the “My Performance” Widget.

1. Upon login, you will be greeted with the following page:

2. To add widgets to your home page, navigate to the the button and select the widget you want to add from the Dashboard Manager

3. Once the “My Performance” Widget has been added to the Home page, select the icon at the top right corner of the Widget and select the button.

4. Click on the “Settings” button and a pop-up window will be generated as follows

5. After customizing the settings, click on the button to save the changes made.

My Performance Widget Settings Parameters

In this page there are a variety of variables that a user can set in order to customize to improve user experience.

Item Setting Purpose
A Name Allows user to customize the title of the Widget
B Indicators Allows users to multiselect object type to be featured
C Colors Allows users to filter through their assigned roles (if numerous)
D Assigned to me as Allows users to filter through their assigned Performance Indicators (KPI, KCI, KRI) based on their level of involvement in accordance to the RASCI-VS Matrix
E Assigned to Allows users to filter objects that are indirectly related to an individual’s personal Performance Indicators
F Assigned to as Further criterion helping users view filter objects indirectly relating to personal Performance Indicators
Allows users to filter indirect relationships based on RASCI-VS criterion

A. Name: The “Name” Section will allow a user to customize the name of the Widget. To edit the “Name” section, please follow the instructions below

i. Navigate cursor over existing name box

ii. Edit name by selecting name box and typing in desired name

B. Indicators: are the primary performance evaluation tools within the EPC. Filter through KCI, KPI, and KRIs that are associated to the user within the “Indicators” section in the Widget filters. Please see the following steps to customize Indicator filters;

i. Navigate cursor over the Indicators task bar

ii. Click on the task bar, which will generate a drop-down menu

iii. Select/Deselect desired object(s) to be featured in Widget window by navigating cursor and clicking on respective objects.

C. Colors: Colors are used to rank indicators based current performance. The color coding is reflective of whether or not current performance is below expectation (Red), at expectations (Yellow) and above expectations (Green). The color filter can be used to view various indicators and their performance. Please see the steps below to customize the “Colors” Widget filter.

i. Navigate cursor over the Colors task bar

ii. Click on the task bar, which will generate a drop-down menu

iii. Select/Deselect desired object(s) to be featured in Widget window by navigating cursor and clicking on respective objects.

D. Assigned to me as: Individuals are assigned Performance Indicators to provide governance and optimize performance. As such, users can query the specific Performance Indicators that have been assigned to them, to monitor their various responsibilities and performance criteria.

The “Assigned to me as” filter will allow users to view their Performance Indicators and the level of governance associated using the RASCI-VS Matrix.

Please see the following steps to use the “Assigned to me as” filter:

i. Navigate to the My Performance – Settings page

ii. On the My Performance – Settings page, navigate cursor to the “Assigned to me as” check-box. Note that the RASCI-VS criterion to the right will be locked until the box is selected.

iii. Click the “Assigned to me as” check-box

iv. Navigate cursor to the RASCI-VS drop-down menu

v. Click on the RASCI-VS filter and a drop-down menu will be generated

vi. Select the desired RASCI-VS Metrics. Note that you can select multiple RASCI-VS metrics.

E. Assigned to: This filter is designed for users to view Performance Indicators that can have direct or indirect relationships with specific Roles, Resources, Assets or Organizational Units. This allows users to see which objects relate to different people and roles within the organization.

Using this filter will extend the scope an individual user can have within the organization.

To use the “Assigned to” filter, please see the following steps

i. Navigate to the My Performance – Settings page

ii. Select the “Filter Type” drop-down menu

iii. A drop-down menu will be automatically generated

iv. Select the desired filter. Note that multiple filters can be selected.

v. Once the desired items have been selected, click anywhere outline the drop-down menu, within the My Performance – Settings page to minimize the drop-down menu

vi. Next, navigate your cursor to the filter search bar to the right of the drop-down menu

vii. The search bar has an auto-population function which allows users to easily find the specific item they are searching for. Once a user has selected the search box, the user can begin typing. The auto-population feature will generate a list featuring the used letters or words.

If a user is unsure of specific spelling of a particular item, the user may also use the buttons listed above the auto-populated list. These are navigation arrows that let users sift through the different pages on search results generated.

viii. Select the desired item clicking on the desired item. Note that the confirmation of selection from an item will not appear in the drop-down menu. It will appear in the icon on the left hand-side of the page. To confirm that a user has selected the right object, navigate your cursor to the icon

ix. Click on the icon and it will display the selected object

F. Assigned to as: The “Assigned to as” filter is an extension of the “Assigned to” filter. It allows for further segmentation and classification of Performance Indicators selected using the RASCI-VS Matrix. This allows users to view additional Objects, who/what is related to them, and how they are related.

Note that this filter is locked until a user has properly selected an object in the “Assigned to” filter.

To filter using the Assigned to as function, please see the following instructions:

i. Navigate to the My Performance – Settings page

ii. Select item in “Assigned to” Filter. Please see the Assigned to (E) above for further detail.

iii. After having selected a (or multiple) objects in the Assigned to section, navigate your cursor to the RASCI-VS drop down menu

iv. Click on the item and it will generate a drop-down menu

v. Select appropriate RASCI-VS metrics. Note that users can select multiple RASCI-VS metrics for viewing.


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