It is possible to add documents into ActiveControl via the SAP GUI, Windows GUI and Web UI. Documents can be added at Business Task or Transport Form level, and also in Test Queues. These documents can be uploaded directly (in which case a copy of the document is stored in the Domain Controller, or alternatively a URL link can be added to reference where the document is stored elsewhere.

As part of the process for adding documents (either uploading or linking), a Document Category can be specified – for example Functional Spec, Unit Test Evidence, UAT Test Script, Email, etc). These Document Categories can be used for Reporting, and also by ShiftLeft: Check Documentation (0051) to perform an automated check for the presence of a uploaded document at a particular Inbox, Test Queue, Outbox control point in the workflow.

Configuring Document Categories

Document categories are defined in table /BTI/TE_ATT_CAT in the Domain Controller. These Document Categories can be restricted so that they can only be used for Business Tasks, Transport Forms or Test Results. This is controlled via the CLASS field. The valid entries for this field are:

  • TASK

If the CLASS field is left blank, the document category is valid for all object types.

Default Document Categories

It is possible to set default document categories so that a configured Category is pre-populated during the process of uploading a Document in both the ActiveControl Web UI and Windows GUI; this is useful for customers that always upload the same types of documents or alternatively do not want to benefit from the Document Category functionality, but do want to upload or link documents.

Defaults can be specified (for Task, Request and Test Queue level) via the DEFAULT_CAT field in /BTI/TE_ATT_CAT table, by entering an “X” against the row that you want to be defaulted.


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