Activity Authorisations can be configured to further restrict user access in addition to the View Authorisations. These activity Authorisations allow the actions the user can perform on visible objects can see to be restricted. The activities are broken down into 6 categories, with each category being controlled by a separate authorisation object:

Authorisation Object Description
Y_TECONF This authorisation object controls access to the configuration options within ActiveControl, such as creating Target systems and Paths
Y_TEUSER This authorisation object controls initial access to the ActiveControl GUI and certain activities allowable by user, such as the ability to delegate approval rights to another user.
Y_TE_TASK This authorisation object controls all activities that can be performed on a Task in ActiveControl, including creating, changing and assigning users.
Y_TEFORM This authorisation object controls all activities that can be performed on a Transport Form in ActiveControl, including creating, changing, releasing and assigning users.
Y_FORMDEL This authorisation object controls more granular authorisations relating to the deletion of Transport Form. This optional Authorisation Object is not included in any out-of-the-box BTI roles.
Y_TEIMORT This authorisation object controls all activities concerning the import of transports into systems, including marking transports as imported manually and re-importing transports as required.
Y_TEADMIN This authorisation object controls access to the administrative functions within ActiveControl, including setting UModes on transports and manually changing the process flow of transports as required.

These authorisation objects should be used to create the appropriate roles for each user type.

Activity Authorisation Object Details

Please refer to the ActiveControl Security Roles Matrix for full details of each Authorisation Object detailed in previous section, alongside with each Authorisation Activity included in each Object.

The Roles Matrix details what is included with each of the out-of-the-box ActiveControl single and composite roles.


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