ActiveControl has the ability to trigger a Transport Form popup in the SAP GUI of a satellite Development system, at one or two places:

1) when the transport is released via SE09/SE10 etc, or

2) when objects are attached to a transport via SAP transactions such as SE38, SE16, PFCG etc

The Transport Form triggers – along with other ‘active functions’ that may be desired depending on a customer’s specific requirements and intended processes within ActiveControl – are configured via table /BTI/TE_ACTIVE in the Domain Controller. They are configured per satellite Development system in which they will be active.

Available Active Functions

Active Function Description
Transport is released (ON_RELEASE) This uses /BTI/TE_BADI_TR_FORM BADI in the Development system, and comes active. No additional setup required.
Transport is first used (ON_CREATE) This functionality uses an enhancement spot. No additional setup required.
In-Line Conflict Analysis (INLINECONF) This functionality switches on Inline Conflict Analysis, to identify conflicts across parallel development systems. Please refer to Inline Conflict section for details on the other configuration required to use this.
Show object keys in In-Line Conflict Analysis (INLINEKEY) This option results in Inline Conflict Analysis including object keys in the results. If this is activated, then In-Line Conflict Analysis active function above must also be active and configured.
Allow TF Creation by-pass (BYPASS) This option can be used to bypass the Transport Form creation process in a particular system.
Unit test on release (UNIT_TEST) This option switches on Automated Unit Testing within the SAP GUI. Note that there is some configuration that needs to be done as well, this is detailed in later ‘Unit Test Automation’ section.
Show Transport Form popup only when configured objects added (OBJ_DEPEND) This option can be used by customers that only want a Transport Form to be required for certain objects. Other configuration is needed to activate this functionality, please refer to online forum for details.
Object Segregation (OBJ_SPLIT) This option can be used by customers that want to ensure certain objects are not mixed in the same transport. Other configuration is needed to activate this functionality, please refer to online forum article for further details.
Prevent releasing the transport (PREVENTREL) This option can be used to hide the “Do you want to release..” screen in the SAPGUI that is seen after populating the Transport Form using the ONRELEASE active function. It is useful for customers that want to prevent Developers prematurely releasing Transports before other approvals are performed.


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