Standard System Wiring

The EPIC Series Console 2.0 is supplied without power cabling, since application requirements and local/site codes supersede the console manufacturing standards. All user-supplied system wiring (e.g., ac line feed, battery charger, battery, dc distribution, …) connected to, from, and within the console should meet National Electric Code (NEC) standards as well as local/site codes. Confirm polarity of all dc cabling before making connections.

All system wiring supplied with the EPIC Series Console 2.0 uses XLPE wire per HindlePower standard CB0002-00.

The console accepts 120/240 VAC split phase as its standard input. Operation is powered by 120 VAC (line, neutral). Battery chargers connected to the console operate from 240 VAC (line, line). Non-standard inputs may be maded using an isolation transformer.

As noted in Section 3.7, the EPIC Console may be supplied with more than one type of bay and may have multiple bays of each type. Each bay — battery bay or electrical bay — will contain electrically powered equipment, so is supplied with NEMA two-hole ground pads for grounding such equipment.

Optional Wiring

If ordered as such, the EPIC Series Console 2.0 may be supplied with system cabling from an installed battery charger to an installed dc distribution system. Also, the console may be supplied with user-specified battery cabling of required length and gauge. Pre-wired battery cabling is end-marked with positive (+) red, and negative (-) black leads.

Communications Ports

The EPIC Controller has two RS-485 serial ports and one Ethernet port. One of the RS-485 ports (COM1) operates as a Modbus master port; the other RS-485 port (COM2) operates as a slave port using either the Modbus or DNP protocols. The RS-485 Modbus master port allows the controller to access information from Modbus slave devices such as AT series and ATevo battery chargers. The RS-485 slave port, when connected to an external SCADA system, allows remote access to all the EPIC Controller alarms, set points, and status indications.