Running Hindle Health System Regularly

The primary way to ensure that your EPIC Console performs reliably is to regularly run the Hindle Health System (HHS). It is recommended to do so once per quarter. This is done by pressing the Hindle Health System button on the front console and following its guidance. In just a few minutes, HHS will guide your maintenance checks on door filters and HVAC filters (if installed), and provide you with feedback on system operation that will give you confidence that everything is operating well and is capable of continually maintaining temperature and ventilation for your battery.

Performing Maintenance on Attached Batteries & Chargers

Remember, also, to perform the maintenance that is recommended in the manual(s) for any batteries and battery chargers that you are storing in the EPIC Console.

Ordering Replacement Parts

Every EPIC Series Console 2.0 ships with a supplemental Parts Data Package Report, itemizing all
components within the unit.

Contact your sales representative to place an order for spare or replacement parts.
Please provide the following information for each component:

  • Model number and serial number of your EPIC Console (See Section 1.8)
  • Reference designator, factory part number and description
  • Quantity required

Troubleshooting Errors

For help in troubleshooting the causes of and resolving errors that appear on the Alarm Screen or while running the Hindle Health System, please contact the factory at 610–330−9000.