EPIC Controller is organized into four (4) major groups or sections.

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Main Display
A back-lit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) shows all system status and configuration information. The display is discussed in Section 5.2, Overview of Screens
Navigation and Control Button Group
This group of buttons (MENU, ESC, EDIT/ENTER, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, and DOWN) is used to navigate through EPIC Series Console 2.0 screens and menus. These controls are discussed in Section 5.3, Main Menu & Navigation.
Alarms Button
The ALARMS buttons is used to access a screen which displays alarm statuses. The alarms screen is discussed in Section 7, Alarms & Indicators.
Hindle Health System (HHS) Section
The Hindle Health System section consists of the HEALTH BUTTON (HH) and the RED and GREEN health indication LEDs at the bottom of the panel. The Hindle Health System is discussed in Section 8, Hindle Health System.