Alarms can be viewed in three ways as seen by clicking on each toggle below:

Active Alarm Bar
The Active Alarm Bar is located at the bottom of the HOME screen. Key points regarding the Active Alarm Bar:
  • It reports any and all active alarms; it is blank if there are none.
  • If multiple alarms are active, it cycles through each alarm.

Active Alarm List
The Active Alarm List displays all active alarms.
To view the Active Alarm List, press the ALARMS button. The Active Alarm List can display up to five active alarms at once but it is scrollable to view any additional alarms present.

If any of the alarms in the list are latched, then the “Clr Latched” command will appear at the bottom of the screen. Fan alarms latch and must be cleared manually; this will be discussed with an example in Section 7.4, Alarm Descriptions.
Alarm Logs
Alarms are system events that are stored in the EPIC Console Controller’s event log with a time and date stamp. The same is true for alarm clearing (return to non-alarm state). Section 9, Event Logs, contains additional information.