Identify the dimensions of your EPIC Series Console 2.0 by the number of bays in the unit.

Dimensions by # of Bays (in./mm)
Bays Height Depth Width
1 83.36/2168 43.00/1092 36.74/933
2 83.36/2168 43.00/1092 72.99/1854
3 83.36/2168 43.00/1092 109.24/2775
4 83.36/2168 43.00/1092 145.49/3695
5 83.36/2168 43.00/1092 181.74/3695

Total System Weight vs. Shipped Weight

Since the EPIC Series Console 2.0 ships from the manufacturer without batteries installed, total weight of the complete system of console, batteries, charger, etc., is not available with this manual.

To get the total weight of the system, add the weight of the battery and any field installed equipment to the EPIC Series Console 2.0 weight shown in the approval drawings included with this manual.

Please consult your battery manufacturers’ literature for battery weights.