The table below describes the function of all of the buttons in the main menu:

Icon Function
Opens configurable options for Basic Settings which include temperature setpoints f !(center) or the battery and electrical bays. Refer to Section 6.3 for instructions.
Opens a list of Event Log functions. You can view and clear logged events. Refer to Section 6.7 to learn how to access these logs and to Section 9 to examine log functions in detail.
Used to configure optional communications ports. It shows all communications ports, and whether or not they are assigned and configured. Refer to Section 6.6 for details
Used to save a user’s custom settings to an SD memory card, load saved custom settings to EPIC from the memory card, or to restore factory default settings.
Opens configurable options for System Settings such as time, date, and temperature scale. See Section 6.4 for instructions.
Allows you to scroll through a screen of system information.