When all testing has been completed, you can view 2 screens that summarize test results. Tests that pass display a checkmark. An example where all the tests pass is shown in Fig. A below.

Tests that have failed display an X and specify the equipment which did not pass — heater, air conditioner, or fan (including fan number). An example of this is shown in Fig. B.

Congratulations! By regularly taking just a few minutes to run the Hindle Health System —
preferably every 3 months — you can be confident that the EPIC Console keeps your battery properly ventilated and at a temperature that maximizes its performance. Every good deed deserves a reward, right? That’s why the Hindle Health System concludes with a fun fact. Enjoy!

After the Hindle Health System completes testing, the EPIC Console will return to the Home Screen. An event will be added to the log file along with a time and date stamp. The results of each test are included in the log file. The result status will indicate that each test either PASSED, FAILED or was NOT RUN.