The standard EPIC Series Console 2.0 does not have top-lifting eyes for moving, though this option is available, as discussed in Section 3.8 Options. To move the standard-equipped console on its supplied shipping pallet, use a forklift. Once the pallet has been moved to the console’s desired mounting location, supplied lifting straps can be used to lift the console, remove the pallet, and return the console to the floor.

Lift Strap Instruction Video

Lift Strap Diagrams

Based on the number of doors in your unit, click on the appropriate link to see an enlarged diagram of how the lift straps should be placed before lifting.

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Single Door Setup
Multiple Door Setup

With the optional lifting eyes, the console can be transported using rigging connection points on the roof. The sling angle, as measured from the sling to the roof of the enclosure should be no less than 60 degrees.