The third test screen displays the 7–day average battery temperature history. If this value is close to the temperature setpoint, the HVAC configuration of your console is able to maintain your desired temperature for extended periods of time at the installation location, which is also explained on the Learn More screen (Fig. A).

From this screen, it is possible to reset the 7–day average by pressing the UP arrow. If you
elect to reset the 7–day average, the system will ask you for confirmation (Fig. B).

The HHS now asks, “Are you pleased with your HVAC temp. control?”. You may learn more about this question by pressing the [HH] button before answering (Fig. C). Based on your answer, you will proceed as follows:

  • “Yes” (Fig.D): HVAC deemed acceptable. Test passes. Press ENTER to continue.
  • “No” (Fig. E): HVAC deemed unacceptable. Press ENTER to receive further instructions about changing HVAC to better control battery temperature at your installation.