The EPIC Series Console 2.0 is a flexible and expandable modular cabinet capable of housing a complete dc power system for indoor or outdoor use. Separate bays for batteries and electronic components (e.g., charger, dc distribution, etc.) in the console increase safety and reliability of internal components. The modular design of the unit allows for expansion to meet future requirements. The console is compatible with all wall-mountable AT Series battery chargers, and the smaller floor-mountable units.

Adjustable multi-tier, multi-step battery rack assemblies are available, making the EPIC Series Console 2.0 configurable to almost all battery systems. Optional corrosion-resistant spill containment protection is available, installed underneath the battery racks. Internal environmental control options are available to handle extreme weather conditions.

The EPIC Series Console 2.0 will extend battery life through an environmentally controlled thermal management system. The console provides a means for the operator to remotely monitor the system, and aids in NERC requirements through the following features:

  • Intrinsically safe hydrogen mitigation system incorporating separate bays for battery and electrical modules with a ventilation system ensuring hydrogen from the battery bay never reaches the electrical bay per IEEE 1635 requirements.
  • The Hindle Health Systemâ„¢, which monitors and controls the internal environment and system components, will alert via Hindle Health Systemâ„¢ status LEDs when attention is required.
    * Easy access to system and internal components without any specialized tools via front and optional rear doors, simplifying maintenance.