The Edit Button is the function allowing Web Modelers to edit a graph. Only Web Modelers will be able to see this button on the toolbar. When clicking on this button, Web Modelers will go on Edit Mode and be redirected to the Full Screen Edit Mode where they can map and edit processes.

Edit Mode will open the Full Screen window to enable Web Modelers to have a bigger area to easily map graphs.

Only users with the Web Modeler Permission will be able to see the Edit Button on the toolbar; the displayed content needs to be set to Show Latest, and the editing tool is the Web.

How to Use the Edit Button

1. Navigate to the Process Module and choose the process you desire to edit

2. Navigate to the Graph section of the process. Ensure you are under the Map view

3. To edit the graph, click on the button

4. The Web Modeler will be redirected to the Full Screen Process Edit

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