Web Modelers can edit the characteristic and type of the Boundary Events assigned to Sub-Processes and Tasks.

To Edit a Boundary Event, please follow the instructions.

  1. Navigate to Full Screen Edit Mode, after clicking on Edit Button

  1. Navigate to the icon of the Boundary Event

  1. Right-click on the Boundary Event. A drop-down menu will be generated

  1. Choose the “Edit Boundary Event BPMN Properties” box

  1. A pop-up will be generated allowing you to choose the Boundary Event BPMN Properties for the task

Event Characteristic
i) Navigate to the “Event Characteristic” box

ii) A drop-down list will be generated. Choose the Loop Characteristic for the task

Event Type
i) Navigate to the “Event Type” box

ii) A drop-down list will be generated

iii) Choose the Event Type

Event Description
i) Type the Event Description

  1. After assigning the Boundary Event BPMN properties, click on the icon to close the pop-up

  1. The Boundary Event will be displayed on the process map

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