As process mappers and viewers, information richness improves overall understanding of the maps. One important aspect of this is visual information.

For this reason, Web Modelers can add the shape of an Artifact and associate Documents to the shape to display how a document is affected and/or used during the execution of a process map.

Web Modelers can associate one or multiple documents to one Artifact.

One Document:
Multiple documents:

Artifacts are connected to shapes of the process map (Task, sub-process, gateways, events). Transitions can be made to and from the artifact object, meaning it can be a source of can be a target object.

To Associate Document to Artifacts, follow these instructions

  1. Navigate to Full Screen Edit Mode, after clicking on Edit Button

  1. Add an Artifact shape to the map

  1. Connect the Artifact to a shape in the process map. In this example, add a flow from the sub-process “Create an Invoice” to the artifact

  1. Navigate to the Artifact shape

  1. Right-click on the Artifact and choose the “Associate Document(s)” box

  1. A pop-up will be generated allowing you to assign documents to the Artifact

  1. Navigate to the “Search” field

  1. Type the name of the Document

  1. Select the document you want to add to the Artifact. In this example, the document is “Invoice Form”

  1. The Document “Invoice Form” will be on the table

  1. Click on the “X” to remove the Document from the Artifact

  1. After assigning the Document to the Artifact, click on the box to close the pop-up

  1. The Document will now associated to the Artifact on the process map. The name of the Document will be displayed inside of an annotation


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