The site visit provides an opportunity to become more familiar with the organization and peer program in real time. The review team can get a first-hand account of the physical environment and the people in it, check the alignment of processes and documents, observe program activities, interview key informants, and offer consultation.

Over the course of the visit, a number of activities will be taking place. These will be scheduled and organized, including team members’ specific responsibilities, by the Team Leader. While much of the scheduling will be done in advance, team flexibility will be needed to accommodate the many changes that will inevitably occur onsite. Throughout the site visit, it will be important for you to have your _ Site Visit Handbook_ handy for quick reference. You will be expected to be familiar with each of the standards and corresponding critera and should be prepared to cite the rationale for each one.

Sample agenda for a two-day site visit is below.

Day One
Start Time Item Notes
8:30 am Peer Review Team arrives at main site and is shown private Resource Room and sets up Arrive at established time
9:00 am Introductory meeting with the Accreditation Coordinating Committee (ACC) and any key stakeholders. Conduct orientation meeting (introduce CAPRSS, explain site visit, review and revise agenda, etc.) When the Peer Reviewer Team arrives on site, it will conduct an orientation with a representative group assembled by the organizational leadership. The orientation will provide an overview of the process, the nature of the visit, a walk-through of the agenda, and roles and responsibilities of the peer reviewers. The agenda and appointments are finalized during the introductory meeting.
9:30 am Peer Review Team is given a tour of the facility
10:30 am Review of Welcome Walk Through and Accreditation Self Study Two of the key items that candidates submit prior to the site visit are the Welcome Walk Through and the Accreditation Self Study. This block of time is set aside to have an in-depth conversation with the ACC about what they learned from the process of completing the two assessments.
12:30 pm Working Lunch/ Peer Review Team
2:15 pm Peer Review Team Interviews with Peer Participants
(Focus group from 2:15-3:15; individual meetings from 3:15-4 as needed)
Throughout the site visit, interviews will be conducted with key leaders and staff, peer leaders, peer who are using the supports and services, and various stakeholders. Peer support activities will be observed, as appropriate.
4:00 pm Peer Review Team Discussion/ Meeting
4:45 pm Peer Review Team Interviews with Board Members The board of directors plays an important role in the success of a PRSS program. Interviews with board members provide a chance to find out what board members think are the strengths and challenges related to organizational governance.
5:30 pm BREAK
6:00 pm Peer Review Team member(s) observes evening programs Many PRSS programs have evening support group meetings or educational session. If appropriate, peer reviewers can observe to get a better sense of a program in action.
7:15 pm Peer Review Team departs for hotel
Day Two
Time Activity **Notes **
8:30 am Peer Review Team arrives at main site
Review of Day One with Accreditation Coordinating Committee
The Peer Review Team shares its observations from the first day of the site visit, and answers questions about day two.
9:00 am PRT & ACC discuss PRSS, Quality Assurance Throughout the second day, the PRT will meet with various people to discuss different domains or areas of focus. The specific areas will be determined in part based on the pre-site visit review and any questions or concerns that the ACC expressed during the Introductory Meeting
10:00 am Peer Review Team interviews Peer Leaders/ Staff
11:00 am PRT & Finance Staff, Finance Committee discuss fiscal management
12:30 pm Working Lunch/ Peer Review Team
1:30 pm PRT & Staff, Personnel Committee discuss Human Resources
2:30 pm Peer Review Team observations Direct observation is one of the ways that peer reviewers get a sense of the recovery culture and climate. The ideas is to observe whatever is going on at the site—such as an orientation of new participant(s), or participatory processes, or a training session—without being intrusive.
Or Peer Review Team visit additional sites
4:00 pm Peer Review Team prepares draft site visit report Before leaving the site, the Peer Review Team will assemble gathered notes and charts, determine process to compile report, delegate report writing tasks.
4:45 pm Peer Review Team Exit Conference with Peer Review Team/Coordinating Committee At the end of the second day, the Peer Reviewer Team will meet with organizational leaders (and others, at the discretion of the leaders) to summarize findings, make cursory recommendations, review continuation of accreditation process, and terminate visit.
6:00 pm Peer Review Team departs for hotel

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