The Key Maps portion of the admin panel found at the Dispach > Settings > 1.General section is tied to “mapping bluetooth key codes” for the TaxiCaller driver app. This feature was originally designed to help drivers trigger the driver app alarm in a threatening situation without having to press any buttons on their Android device and could instead more discretely trigger the alarm by pressing a button on a small Bluetooth device in their pocket.

How to set up

  • You will need a Bluetooth device
  • You will need to pair this Bluetooth device with the Android driver app device.
  • Once they are paired you need to go into the settings portion of the driver app by pressing the cog-wheel button, in there you need to select “Debug bluetooth key codes”.
  • By pressing A button on your bluetooth device the driver app tell you what bluetooth key-code the button you just pressed has.
  • Now you simply edit the Key Maps portion of the admin panel and assign the keys you want to do whichever task you prefer. For example you could have a “raise volume” button on a bluetooth device Accept a job and the “decrease volume” button Decline a job.