If a vehicle is in the clearing (CLR) State, it means that even though they are currently busy with a job, they will soon become available to take new jobs.

However, the system can be configured in such a way that jobs can still be assigned to busy vehicles as long as they are in the clearing state. To activate this setting make sure that “Jobs when clearing” is checked in the Admin Panel. Settings – Dispatch.

Then use the modifier Clearing distance to select how far from the destination a vehicle can be considered to be in the CLR state. You can select anything from 0 to 3000 meters (3281 yards). At this point, the the driver will see a CLR button in the driver app and will be able to press it.

A current job with the Clearing button available

Once the driver is in the clearing state, the dispatcher will also be able to see this from the Dispatch console. In the screenshot below, vehicle 1 is in the clearing state, this will be represented by a CLR tag under the f. column in the vehicle list, and a magenta color in the zone queues.

how a dispatcher will see a vehicle in the clearing state