In accordance with Concepts One and Two, the traditional S-Anon/S-Ateen service structure exists to assure each S-Anon or S-Ateen group that its concerns and opinions are taken into consideration and are represented in the group conscience of S-Anon as a whole. The information below describes the structure that facilitates that participation.

Brief History of the Traditional Service Structure

Before 2001, the primary venue for members from our widely scattered groups to meet with each other to discuss items that affected our fellowship as a whole was the semi-annual International Conventions held in January and July. At every Convention, beginning in 1986, we held an S-Anon Business Meeting at which all S-Anon members in attendance were invited to discuss and make such decisions. For example, it was at these meetings that we first organized our literature creation and approval process, approved our first several pieces of Conference-Approved Literature, and decided how to change our structure as our fellowship grew large enough to support a more formal organization. By 2004, we implemented a World Service Conference (WSC) with Area representation, which is the current process through which the S-Anon groups exercise their ultimate authority and responsibility for S-Anon World Services.