- In accordance with Tradition Eleven, the full name of an S-Anon member never appears in the title of S-Anon material, nor is authorship acknowledged.
- All published material becomes the sole property of the S-Anon fellowship. The author grants ownership to S-Anon by signing and submitting the Release Form which is found in Part 5 of this manual, in Appendix I.
- The First and Fourth Traditions of S-Anon provide guidelines to help prevent any group, Information Services Group (Intergroup), or any other service arm from publishing its own recovery literature outside of the S-Anon Conference Approval process.
- The S-Anon name and logo are trademarked and cannot be reproduced.
- S-Anon literature or any portion of S-Anon literature cannot be reproduced on any publication, whether it be local or electronic, any website, or any social media presence.
- S-Anon published CAL has a revision process outlined in Appendix I.

Updated 8/22/2019