Local groups, Information Services Groups (Intergroups), or Area group service structures are autonomous in matters affecting the groups they serve. These bodies may occasionally want to distribute materials locally to make S-Anon members aware of recovery events or to disseminate service-oriented information. Because these communications may have an impact on S-Anon as a whole, it is imperative to ensure adherence to the Traditions and Concepts in communications provided to S-Anon members on a broad basis. The BOT encourages groups to submit Service Literature for review and reserves the right to review them prior to distribution. The S-Anon name can be used by registered groups for a local event, but the logo is trademarked, and cannot be reproduced.


The BOT extends permission for the production of posters to be distributed within a designated area of service but reserves the right to review these items before they are printed and distributed in order to protect our public image. Such permission is not required when posters are for single local events. Please do not use the S-Anon logo.

Updated 8/22/2019