An Intergroup (sometimes referred to as an Information Services Group) is a service body that facilitates the cooperation of S-Anon groups in a geographic area. An Intergroup’s primary function is to coordinate information and activities in a centralized fashion. Intergroups are not an official part of the Traditional service structure, but many groups find them a valuable tool in conducting local activities. An Intergroup is not a governing body; it exists to assist groups in their common purpose, and interaction and communication among local groups. Most Intergroups start with a few basic activities, as decided by the group conscience of the groups served by the Intergroup.

A local Intergroup can be created to provide services such as maintaining a telephone line, website or message service, distributing and updating group listings, maintaining a stock of Conference Approved Literature, distributing a newsletter of local activities, performing community outreach, etc. (Tradition Nine). Intergroups usually meet regularly and can also serve as a forum to discuss group problems in light of the Twelve Traditions or as a regional or Area event planning body. A large enough Intergroup (in terms of geographical region covered) might be in a position to coordinate election of the WSC Area Delegate (see the next section). Intergroups may receive financial support from the Seventh Tradition donations of the groups they serve.

The groups that support an Intergroup, not the Intergroup itself, have the voting privileges assigned to Registered Groups. Therefore the Intergroup itself does not have a vote in Fellowshipwide Group Consciences, Delegate selection, or Regional Trustee selection. The Intergroup, however, can do much to facilitate the voting privileges of its member groups.

As S-Anon groups grow and more members are involved in service, Intergroups may be asked to expand the services they provide, as discussed in Part 1, Section 1.5.6. The S-Anon publication L-17 “How to Start an Intergroup,” contains a more complete discussion of Intergroups and the activities they may undertake.

Last Updated September 2018