Within the Fellowship

It is suggested that we introduce ourselves in meetings by first name only. When using the telephone, we do not leave messages for other members unless they have given their permission for us to do so. Disclosure of our full names, addresses, etc. may be done between members, and is usually necessary within the framework of S-Anon service work. The degree of anonymity a member wishes to maintain within the fellowship is strictly up to the individual. Regardless of how we feel about our own anonymity, we carefully guard the anonymity of all members of S-Anon and all sexaholics in our lives (Tradition Eleven).

Sharing at meetings is also protected by our observance of anonymity. We do not reveal to anyone, even to partners, relatives, friends, or other members not present, whom we see and what we hear at a meeting. Anonymity means that whatever we share will be respected and held in confidence. Anonymity also contributes to our personal growth by reminding us that we are all equal in the fellowship regardless of how long we have been working the program or what our outside status may be. In accordance with Tradition Twelve, “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles above personalities.”

Outside the Fellowship

Outside the fellowship, the principle of anonymity assures us that only we, as individual S-Anon members, have the right to make our membership known to friends, associates, and others within our community. For example, we may wish to give our full names to interested doctors, therapists, or spiritual leaders who may come into contact with family members of sexaholics, but we would not provide the name of any other member without specific permission from that person. If we do reveal our S-Anon membership outside the fellowship, we clearly indicate that we do not represent S-Anon as a whole. Tradition Eleven reminds us that at the level of press, radio, film, television, or any other form of public media, such as the Internet, we never allow our last names or faces to be revealed once we identify ourselves as S-Anon members. This policy protects both the individual and the fellowship and provides reassurance to newcomers that their anonymity will be protected. The intention of Tradition Eleven is to keep us anonymous as individuals, not to keep the S-Anon program anonymous.

It is suggested that on any Web site accessible to the public, whether an S-Anon site or not, full names, phone numbers, or other identifying information not be posted if they are identified as belonging to an S-Anon member. Web-based social networking sites or blogs provide members with easy access to distribute information about S-Anon recovery to a large audience. However, in accordance with Tradition Eleven, members who use these communication tools need to maintain their own personal anonymity and “guard with special care” the anonymity of any S-Anon or SA members, as Internet social networking sites or blogs are forms of public media. Email addresses can also compromise anonymity. Members are encouraged to create generic email addresses that don’t include their names or outside status.

Last Updated December 2017