The World Service Office (WSO) was established as the “S-Anon Central Office” in 1987 and was renamed the World Service Office in 2001. The WSO is the central headquarters for S-Anon International Family Groups, Inc., a registered 501( c )(3) non-profit, and is fully accountable to the S-Anon fellowship. The accountability to the groups is accomplished through the North America World Service Conference (WSC) (defined as United States and Canada) and the Board of Trustees (BOT). In turn, the BOT approves financial transactions, sets policy and procedures, and ensures that the WSO is adhering to those policies and procedures. The WSO is primarily funded by Seventh Tradition contributions from groups, individuals, and events, and S-Anon literature sales. The WSO, located in Nashville, TN, is staffed by onsite and remote paid special workers tasked with performing professional services. The S-Anon WSO is overseen by the S-Anon Executive Committee.

Primary Responsibilities of the WSO:
• Registers, maintains records of, and distributes information for S-Anon groups and meetings worldwide.
• Serves as the communication link between groups, individual members, intergroups, Delegates, and the BOT and its Committees.
• Manages the production and distribution of S-Anon Conference Approved Literature (CAL) and Service Literature.
• Maintains legal and financial records of S-Anon International Family Groups, Inc. overseeing financial and organizational filings and reports.
• Provides assistance to the BOT and service committees.
• Serves as a first point of contact for the media and referral agencies.
• Oversees S-Anon International Family Groups, Inc.’s website’s content, maintenance, and online store.
• Maintains and protects Intellectual Property.
• Works in conjunction with the Global Coordination Subcommittee of the Public Information & Outreach Committee to support the development of international service structures.
• Licenses the translation and distribution of literature to S-Anon service structures outside of North America.
• Responsible for providing consistent messaging of S-Anon recovery in North America and internationally through the lens of the S-Anon Twelve Steps, Traditions, and Concepts.
• Reports monthly to the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, and annually to the World Service Conference.

Updated 12/6/2023