The WSO was established as the “S-Anon Central Office” in 1987 and was renamed the World Service Office in 2001. The WSO is the central headquarters for providing services to individuals and groups. As such, it is fully accountable to the S-Anon fellowship. The accountability to the groups is accomplished through the Board of Trustees (BOT). In turn, the BOT approves financial transactions, sets policy and procedures, and ensures that the WSO is adhering to those policies and procedures. The World Service Office is funded entirely by 7th Tradition contributions from groups, individuals, and events, and by sale of S-Anon literature.

The WSO has six main areas of responsibility:
• Coordinate the fellowship wide effort to help new members make contact with recovering S-Anon members in their area by maintaining and updating lists of registered groups, individuals willing to serve as Contact Persons for inquirers, and Lone Members.
• Serve as the communication link between groups, Intergroup (If your area has one), individual members, and the Board of Trustees and its Committees.
• Arrange for printing and distribution of Conference Approved Literature and Service Literature to groups and individuals.
• Maintain records of income and expenses.
• Assist the BOT and other service committees.
• Serve as a first point of contact for the media and referral agencies.

The WSO supports and facilitates the operation of the Service Structure in the following ways:
• Provides administrative support and services to the BOT and Standing Committees
• Coordinates the Area Delegate registration process and helps new Area Delegates connect with support and resources
• Provides information, resources and support to candidates for BOT positions
• Assists with the familiarization process for new BOT members.

The WSO is currently staffed by three paid employees: the Executive Director of the WSO and two administrative staff from the Nashville, TN area. In addition, the World Service Office employs special workers to perform professional activities that are necessary to the functioning of the World Service Office, and for which we cannot expect members, even if qualified, to volunteer.

The work of the Board of Trustees and the World Service Office is supported entirely by the Seventh Tradition donations of individual groups, by sales of literature, and by voluntary donations of time and material by members of the fellowship.

Updated 5/30/2019