In keeping with Tradition Seven, a group’s own membership is the source of its funds. Group expenses typically include rent, the cost of maintaining a supply of S-Anon Conference Approved Literature, and local Twelfth-Step outreach, such as the cost of a local S-Anon P.O. box and phone number or mailings of information to professionals in the area. (Some of these expenses, such as outreach or an Info Line may be handled by the local Intergroup, if there is one). It is important to remember that S-Anon has no dues or fees, so members may choose not to contribute. Group funds are not used for personal gifts or loans to members or for donations to any outside agency, activity, or program (Tradition Six).

The Seventh Tradition also implies that funds to support S-Anon-Twelfth Step work at the Intergroup (if there is one), Regional, and International levels are provided by the monthly donations of individual groups and the sale of S-Anon and S-Ateen Literature. Groups decide by group conscience how to distribute funds that remain after the group’s expenses have been paid. Some groups keep a prudent reserve, enough funds to cover the group’s expenses for a three month period. Once the prudent reserve is met, groups then send a portion of their Seventh Tradition collection to support the local Intergroup, (if there is one) and to the WSO to support our Fellowship’s expenses. Fellowship expenses may include rental of the WSO office, paid staff salaries, outreach, and production, printing, storage and mailing of literature. One typical formula suggests that 60 percent of the total Seventh Tradition be used for the group’s operating expenses, 30 percent be sent to the WSO, and 10 percent be allocated to support the local Intergroup, if there is one.

If your state or province has an Area Delegate, your group will want to put aside some money to help support the Delegate in attending the annual World Service Conference (WSC), held every July. That is the time when the Delegate carries the voice of all the groups in their state or province to an annual meeting. Please reach out to your Delegate for more information. If you do not have a Delegate, or if you are not sure that your state or province has one, you can call the World Service Office (WSO) to find out more information. You can also download information about the Delegate position at

Tri-annually, the WSO sends out a Special Appeal letter requesting additional donations outside normal contributions made by individuals and groups. Special Appeal collections ensure that funds are available for the WSO to carry out its vital work. Your generous support is always greatly appreciated.

Please note that S-Anon is incorporated as a 501©(3) nonprofit organization and has been granted tax-exempt status; however, the S-Anon World Service Office Tax ID# is for WSO use only. Our corporate non-profit charter prohibits the use of this number by individual S-Anon groups or Information Services Groups (Intergroups). Appendix B contains an S-Anon Group Banking Information Summary.

Last Updated February 2018