August 2001

Dear S-Anon Family Groups,

On August 23, 2001, the S-Anon International Committee (SIC) met with five S-Anon members who had previously served on the SIC. Together, we took an inventory of the effectiveness of S-Anon’s service structure and its business management.

Out of this weekend came a consensus that S-Anon is ready to adopt a service structure similar to Al-Anon’s, as described in the 12 Concepts of Al-Anon. The S-Anon International Committee developed and adopted a set of bylaws, which renames the S-Anon International Committee as the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees carried a motion to adopt the 12 Concepts of Al-Anon, pending permission from Al-Anon and an adaptation for S-Anon.

The Board of Trustees created the following standing committees:

Executive Committee: Administers the World Service Office. Includes all Officers of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director of the World Service Office.
Budget Committee: Reviews and prepares a yearly budget and all financial statements.Chaired by the Board of Trustees treasurer
Literature Committee: Conference Approved Literature, S-Anews, Website
International Convention Committee Assists S-Anon host committee with planning, according to the Convention Guidelines
Delegate Conference Committee Plans scheduled business conferences and reports back to the fellowship.
Public Information Committee S-Anon’s liaison to the public.
Archives Committee Preserves and organizes historical S-Anon and S-Ateen material.

Each committee has a chair and any S-Anon member may join any committee of their choice. It is suggested that a member wishing to serve on any of these committees has been actively working an S-Anon program for at least one year. The Delegate Conference Committee will develop plans to create a Delegate Conference wherein the fellowship at large will be represented and larger issues will be addressed. For more information about this important service arm, please refer to and study the 12 Concepts in Paths to Recovery, the Al-Anon Service Manual and the Al-Anon pamphlet entitled “The 12 Concepts.”

The Board of Trustees also voted to use the terminology used by Al-Anon in reference to its service structure. The following changes were made:

Old Terminology
S-Anon Central Office
S-Anon International Committee
S-Anon Handbook
International Conference

New Terminology
World Service Office
S-Anon Board of Trustees
S-Anon Service Manual
International Convention

We are very excited about these changes and anticipate that with our new structure, we will be more effective at Twelfth Step work, be able to welcome more newcomers, invite more members to do service work beyond the group level, and to facilitate the organization of the regions in the nation. Other exciting changes include: the hiring of new staff in the World Service Office, an exciting new format design for the S-Anon website and a new registration process for the groups which will improve communication among the groups and the World Service Office.

Our new structure has created more service positions and opportunities for service. We hope that if you are interested in deepening your recovery through service, you will contact your Regional Trustee and volunteer for a service position.

Yours in Service,
The S-Anon Board of Trustees