Clear Motor Short Circuit Error

Another function on the Special Services tab is a button used to clear an MDR short circuit error. This particular error is not logically cleared based upon an elapsed period timeout or other such reset. An MDR short circuit error requires that either the module be powered down and then powered back up or by clicking the Reset button on this tab. This function is made available in EasyRoll as a convenience so you don’t have to cycle the power on the module.

There is not a separate Reset button for left and right motors. One button will perform the function for either or both motors.

Touch & Go

The Touch & Go function is available in ZPA mode and when activated causes the MDR in the activated zone to sense rotational movement of the MDR in its default direction. If this rotational movement (such as someone pushing a carton onto the zone) is of sufficient duration and speed; the zone will “wake up” as if its upstream interlock had been energized. You enable this function by checking the appropriate Upstream or Downstream checkbox in the Touch & Go area.

You can set this functionality for either or both the Upstream and Downstream Zones in the direction of flow. In this example we checked the Upstream zone