Register Name / Module Address Assembled Address for PLC Description
Direction & Accumulation Mode Control for Local Upstream Zone
M: 4:1622
E: O.Data [22]
P: Byte 44 (Hi)
   Byte 45 (Lo)
Used to change direction of flow or accumulation mode for a contiguous group of zones beginning with the local upstream / downstream zone
Value for Low Byte of Register:
0 = Normal Function
1 = Accumulate Zones
2 = Accumulate Zones
3 = Change Accumulation Release Mode
Direction & Accumulation Mode Control for Local Downstream Zone
M: 4:1623
E: O.Data [23]
P: Byte 46 (Hi)
   Byte 47 (Lo)
4 = Return Release Mode to Configured Default
10 = Set Direction to Configured Default (Forward)
11 = Set Direction to opposite of Configured default (Reverse)
Value for High Byte of Register:
Number of ZONES beginning with the local Upstream / Downstream Zone for which the Low Byte value is applied – from 1 to 220. If ALL ZONES in the subnet need to be controlled then leave the High Byte = “0”