Register Name / Module Address Assembled Address for PLC Description
Accumulation Control for Local Upstream Zone
M: 4:1604
E: O.Data [4]
P: Byte 8 (Hi)
   Byte 9 (Lo)
Bitwise Values:
   bit 00 = Set/Clear Accumulation Mode for Local Zone
   bit 08 = Accumulate adjacent upstream zone
   bit 09 = Set Arrival Confirmation for adjacent downstream zone
   bit 10 = Jog zone in default direction
   bit 11 = Jog zone in opposite of default direction
   bit 12 = Wake up Local Zone
   bit 13 = Enable Maintenance Mode
   All other bits reserved
Accumulation Control for Local Downstream Zone
M: 4:1605
E: O.Data [5]
P: Byte 10 (Hi)
   Byte 11 (Lo)

Notes for Accumulation Control Bits

Bit 8 – Accumulate Adjacent Upstream Zone

Setting this bit will cause the next upstream zone of the local module to accumulate. This next upstream zone can be either on the local module or the downstream zone of the adjacent upstream module.

Bit 9 – Set Arrival Confirmation for Downstream Zone

By default, for ZPA operation, ConveyLinx requires a confirmation from the downstream zone when a Carton is discharged. Without this confirmation, the releasing zone will detect a jam condition. This bit is used in applications where the Carton is removed from the conveyor (either manually or say by a PLC controlled external mechanism such as a pusher or diverter) and the PLC needs to “confirm” the removal of the Carton in order to satisfy the ZPA confirmation logic.

Bits 10 & 11 – Jog Controls

These bits can be used by the PLC to jog the local zone for specialized applications when local movement of the Carton on a zone is required. An example would be once a Carton has arrived in the local zone, the PLC determines that the Carton needs to be re-positioned or perhaps squared up against a PLC controlled pop-up stop.

Bit 12 – Wake Up Local Zone

Setting this bit will cause the local zone to “wake up” and run to accept a carton the same as if it’s upstream had written a status value of “4”. This function would be useful for a merge onto a main line of ZPA conveyor.

Bit 13 – Enable Maintenance Mode

Setting this bit will place the local zone in maintenance mode. In this mode the motor will not run regardless of zone conditions. The zone upstream of this local zone will receive a “busy” status to inhibit release of any item into this local zone. While in this state, the SEN and Motor LEDs will flash on and off in green color.