In applications where the equipment accepting product from the most downstream zone of ConveyLinx controlled conveyor requires a handshake interlock to know when the most downstream zone of the ConveyLinx controlled conveyor is occupied and ready to discharge the item, this can be achieved by utilizing both the Left and Right Aux I/O Pin signals. One of the Aux I/O Pin 2 signals needs to be set as an input to Accumulate the zone and the other signal needs to be configured as an output to indicate whether there is Product on Zone. When this Product on Zone output is energized, then the accepting equipment knows that the most downstream zone is occupied and is ready to discharge the item.

Assuming the most downstream zone is connected to the right side of the module; we set the Right Pin 2 to Accumulate from the drop-down box and make sure we click the “DOWN” arrow to indicate that the Right Pin 2 signal is to be associated with the Downstream Zone. Similarly, we select Product on Zone for the Left Pin 2 signal and click the diagonal arrow to indicate that this signal is to reflect the status of the Downstream zone